Strength in Safety

At Paul’s, safety is a core value.  Our organization – from our president to our newest hire – has an unwavering commitment to performing work in the safest manner possible. An extensive new-hire orientation and education program impresses this value from the start and sets clear expectations for a safe and injury-free work environment. Ongoing company-wide initiatives and training programs reinforce our culture of compliance with applicable regulations, and help us perpetuate our constant focus on safety. Additionally, our continuous improvement efforts focus on developing solid safety processes and identifying solutions to both common and unique safety challenges.

Ensuring safety in our operations and on our projects is a never-ending task. We work as a team with our clients, partners, subcontractors, and suppliers to pre-plan our tasks, identify risks, develop safe practices, and implement processes to perform our work safely. To us, the most important thing is sending everyone home safely at the end of every day.


Read our Environmental, Health, and Safety Policy Statement.