PAUL’S was founded by Paul L. Cler in 1951.  Upon discharge from the Navy at the end of WWII, Paul returned to working with his brothers but was eager to form his own business.

What began as his small plumbing and heating business quickly evolved to include machining, welding, fabrication, and an LP gas supply branch.  Eventually Paul, with the help of his 6 sons, developed and produced lines of agricultural equipment to include grain transport augers, seed corn detasselers, self powered agricultural sprayers, soil conditioners, and grain legs.  At the same time, Paul’s functioned as a well equipped job shop, hiring and training multi-disciplined employees to handle the ever increasing variety of projects entrusted to the shop.  In response to new market opportunities, Paul’s directed it’s evolving engineering, manufacturing and millwright capabilities toward a host of industries including packaging, food processing, printing, grain handling and storage, and mining equipment.

His sons assumed ownership of the business in 1979 and accelerated its growth by pursuing new markets using state of the art technologies.  What began as a small start-up business with a vision for adaptation and growth, has evolved into a modern manufacturing and industrial service facility.

Today, Paul’s is comprised of a well seasoned, skilled workforce and includes third generation employees. It is well positioned to hold Paul’s true to its original vision by continually improving its facilities, equipment, processes, and people to maintain a competitive edge and continued growth.